Capital expenditure claim

In progress

Queensland Rail’s 2020 access undertaking provides for the QCA to assess the prudency of its capital expenditure each year, before the capital expenditure is included in the regulatory asset base (RAB). Our assessment focuses on the scope, standard of works, and cost of capital expenditure, in accordance with schedule E of the 2020 access undertaking.

The West Moreton system is the only Queensland Rail network with a QCA-approved RAB.

West Moreton capital expenditure claim 2020–21

Queensland Rail submitted its 2020–21 capital expenditure claim on 30 December 2021.

We invited submissions from stakeholders on the 2020-21 claim. One submission was received.

We are continuing with our assessment.

Reports and papers

Title Document
19 January 2022 Queensland Rail 2020–21 capital expenditure claim_REDACTED pdf, 4.17 Mb
Title Document
19 January 2022 QCA stakeholder notice – Queensland Rail 2020–21 capital expenditure claim pdf, 208.46 Kb
Title Document
15 February 2022 Yancoal submission – QR access undertaking West Moreton system capex claim 2020-21 (Signature Redacted) pdf, 142.16 Kb

Previous capital expenditure assessments

Prior to 2019, capital expenditure assessments were made under Queensland Rail’s 2016 access undertaking.