Concept Study DAAU

In progress

The 2017 access undertaking outlines a process for determining how Aurizon Network is to resolve capacity deficits identified across the central Queensland coal network. This involves an independent expert recommending, and the QCA determining, appropriate transitional arrangements for Aurizon Network to implement.

Aurizon Network submitted a draft amending access undertaking (the Concept Study DAAU), which seeks to expressly provide for a staged implementation of proposed initiatives to address capacity deficits, including to:

  • facilitate further studies be undertaken prior to the independent expert providing its recommendation (or the QCA making its or determination)
  • provide for the independent expert to consider other factors in making its recommendation
  • enable Aurizon Network to recover all reasonable costs of undertaking further studies, where required.

Stakeholder submissions on Aurizon Network’s proposal have now closed.

All relevant documents are available for download below.

Report and papers

Title Document
23 June 2022 Submission Aurizon Network – Concept Study DAAU – supporting submission pdf, 363.06 Kb
23 June 2022 Submission Aurizon Network – Concept Study DAAU – 2017 AU mark-up pdf, 90.07 Kb
Title Document
28 July 2022 Submission Bravus – Concept Study DAAU pdf, 308.60 Kb
28 July 2022 Submission Glencore – Concept Study DAAU pdf, 25.13 Kb
28 July 2022 Submission Queensland Resources Council – Concept Study DAAU pdf, 625.03 Kb
Title Document
23 June 2022 Notice Notice of time periods pdf, 167.27 Kb